Lamia, Greece


In an old stable in Lamia, Greece, we designed the Crooks, a bar-club in the city.
An abandoned, until recently, passage between two buildings, took the place of the main entrance to the atrium. The name of the place written in neon looks like it is hovered close to the ceiling of this passage which predisposes about the environment someone meets while entering.
The space has been designed from the beginning, keeping and highlighting the natural materials such as the masonry and the large palm close to the entrance.
It is a verdant summertime bar with a fresh sense. On one side of the atrium, the wall is covered by vertical planting. The green wall is decorated with a variety of elements, such as neon signs and metallic parrots. On this side, the built-in seating area with the colorful cushions emphasizes the summer mood.
The central bar is shaded by a knitted netting which seems to be approached from different directions by some monkey lamps by Seletti. The exterior is further lighted by two red frames made of neon around the old windows of one of the surrounding buildings.
Indoors, the dominant material is the stone on the walls which is fully revealed. The rough materials that have been used are harmonized with it. The cement mortar floor continues from the exterior to the interior, and the surfaces of the bars are metallic. Even the shelving system of the back bar is made of very thin steel sections to cover at the minimum the stone surface.
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