Kifissia, Athens


The Dalliance house is a neoclassical building, located in the  northern suburb of Kifissia. This all day restaurant/bar  has managed to create a unique atmosphere, combining  elements of the past with  contemporary pieces.  One of the great features of The Dalliance house is its secluded outdoor space. This was an opportunity to transform the space into a wonderful lush sanctuary inside the city. 
Since this building has a history of almost 130 years and is proudly carrying  the scars of the past,  everything in this space should contribute to the dialogue between the new and the old. Materials like metal and glass add elegance and sophistication to the space while highlighting specific spots .The chosen fabrics, with vivid patterns and colors go along with the seasonal planting. The planting stays quite sensational by night with evocative lighting, creating an enchanting atmosphere.
On the whole, the outdoor space resembles the luxury of another era while keeping it fresh and relevant.

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