Athens, Greece


Villa Grigio 46 is an all-day café-bar in Athens, Greece. The name itself indicates the intention of the owner to associate this project with Italy.
Villa in Italian is a spacious house surrounded by a garden. Inspired by that meaning, the central idea was to incorporate a green core in the center of a busy rural street. To create that feeling of hospitality and calmness, the exterior got fenced with tall bushes. Adding five big trees in the outdoor area, the scenery resembles even more to a yard in the countryside. During the night-time the lighting is discreet by using only some spotlights situated in the plants.
Entering the interior, the vibe gets more theatrical to emphasize the bar. The dramatic and humorous photos that adorn the walls attracts the visitor's attention due to their direct lighting. The more neutral and grey environment is a reference to the other half of the café-bar’s name, as Grigio means grey in Italian.
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