2020. Santorini, Greece
xylo carving gallery 
Xylo is a wood carving gallery situated in Megalochori, Santorini. Santorini is one of the most famous islands of Greece. Its beauty and spirit still capture the rich culture of the Cyclades. 
Starting point of the central idea was the naturalistic and simple beauty of Greek tradition. Chromatic and artistic inspirations were taken from the Greek arts and crafts. Based on characteristic elements of the Cycladic tradition, metallic and wooden partitions that recreate details of the traditional embroideries in a contemporary and minimal way were made. 
The choice of materials aimed at highlighting the wood carvings of the artist. Therefore, the result is a space that functions as a neutral background to the exhibits.
The space is characterized by transparency and serenity. The simple formation of the gallery creates a pure environment for the creations of the artist. The gallery functions as an open-plan space. Yet, it gets discreetly divided thanks to its metallic shelving system. This ensures that the room stays open to the eye, while at the same time it features efficient and separate displaying spots.  With the use of similar constructions, the gallery space is also gradually but effectively separated from the secondary functional zones.


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