North Greece, 2022
Catano – All day bar 

The creation of this all-day bar, named Catano, started from an empty piece of land that included only 3 palm trees and had a magnificent view of the mountain on one side and of the sea on the other.
These elements inspired us to create a welcoming environment from scratch, that would offer an all day and night experience to its guests through natural materials and organic forms.

The bar’s layout consists of a central bar, a restaurant area with an open kitchen, and a lounge area.
The organic forms of plantation that are evenly distributed in the space serve to separate the individual function mentioned, as well as, to create a transition between them.

A natural palette of friendly and authentic textures and colors characterizes all the selections of the materials and furniture.
The composition of different types of wood, such as olive wood and chestnut wood, used-looking fabrics, cement and iron details, managed to give the form we envisioned.


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