Lamia, Greece. 2017
Dègagè bar
Dègagè is an all-day café-bar based in Lamia. Placed in the main square of the city, Dègagè​​​​​​​ is a fun place to meet.
From the beginning of the design process, our goal was to ensure the all-day function of the space. That contrast between day and night is portrayed through the project’s concept. The central idea consists of pairing opposite values: industrial≠luxury, rough≠smooth, light≠dark, warm≠cold. This combination of different elements creates a unique and eclectic space that it is not bound by time or style. This timeless aspect is reinforced through the material palette. The chosen materials are true, natural, and, foremost, enduring: they are beautified through the wear of time. Such materials, used for the project, are brass, wood, marble and leather.
The final result is a group of different corners to sit and relax, with a majestic bar meandering between the columns of the space. Balance between day and night is found from the combination of the chill vibe of the many sitting areas, and the imposing style of the bar. The hanging plants are creating an indoor ceiling garden, bringing liveness and freshness. The lighting was also chosen and placed with the intention, to create different kinds of atmospheres throughout the day.   

Kostas Mitropoulos

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